January 18th 2016, a new office, a new beginning! After 12 years in graphic design business, we have moved the office to our own building. From a small rented room in 2004, then had moved to 3 floors rented office in 2007 and at last, moved to a 4 floors office.

Now, we have more spacious room for more comfort working area, meeting rooms and the 4th floor is designated as the multipurpose room such as for photo session, training, brainstorming, and taking a break when we need to relax.

The concept name of Dampu is taken from a traditional Indonesian folk game. That’s why in our multipurpose room you can find various traditional games available. Just say it gasing (spinning top), yo-yo, karambol (carom), Javanese chess, wood puzzle, dart etc. All games are decorated in traditional graphics.

We hope we can boost our service in the new office, create new ideas for Indonesia graphic design, especially in packaging design, and bring happiness to all of part of the company.